Need step by step help

here it goes I’m in the same situation as so many of us are i have an ex that refuses to let me spend time with our 3yr old son i pay 486 a month in child support and 76 a month for arrearage his mother does not work lives in a one bedroom apartment with her new boyfriend she lost custody of two children in the past because of her lifestyle drugs alcohol abuse.

i have an attorney that has worked with me as far as finances but I’m tapped out and i can’t ask him to continue to work for free.when i ask my son who lives with mommy he says daddy i tell him I’m his daddy he says no daddy lives with mommy I’m heartbroken!!

HELP she got a protective order so that i cant even call to talk to him when we went to court to fight it the judge had it added to our custody case that was 2 months ago no custody case date set because of$$$$ how do I protect my son from this corruption and alienation STEP BY STEP