Court decision (1)

We are so happy for you!!

houndWish we had a judge and lawyer that were as wonderful as yours! I can’t complain because we just got my step daughter for 120 days a/year. I was at 54 days a/year until October. It took us 9 months just to fight for more visitation.

Even though my step daughters mother has 3 children (all from different husbands and is only 26) and 2 hounds – they have told us that they try to not split the children up since they are the most stable things in each others lives.

Her dad and I have been together for the past 3 years and have watched different men come and go but haven’t been able to do anything.

When we tried going to court 2 years ago, she said that she was moving and they went round and round about that. Now she just had her 3rd baby and wants more CS. Looks like we’ll be going back to court since in the state of AZ, a custodial parent can deduct for children from their income, even if they collect cs for them from other men.

It’s way sad. Sorry so long