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I’m new here and I’m sure this has been the highlight of many a discussion … what I’d like to hear from the club members is your viewpoints regarding the process or method of how child support is being handled by the Court System. After breezing through some of the posted messages, I too fear of more US Gov’t intervention and interference … again, against the fathers! I feel there should be changes in the process, the determination and evaluation based on income of both parties concerned, especially when the other party finally remarries. Also, procedures on accountability of the Custodial Parent who has the children and receives the support.

Like most of us … I’m sure you go by sheer faith, but me personally … it’s to a point. Overall, I don’t trust my ex-wife. I would like to see a study on how support is calculated from state to state … is it a standard formula or is there a certain degree of variance. In the State of Indiana, it goes by income. He (or she) who makes more, pays more … I disagree with those terms and conditions, especially when I got stuck with the marital debt in addition … due to her inability to pay. Also, when she remarries, I can’t exercise the option she can when my wife decides to work … and that’s taking a certain percentage of her pay because she is married to me. So feed me some information to ponder over and research. Half the battle in order to be well informed is research. The other judicial farce is the use of mediation … it didn’t help me one bit, other than paying for it after it was all said and done. I get the impression that (some, if not … most) attorneys take the side of the birthright mother. No one realizes that it takes two … regardless. Again, folks … throw some concepts at me.

I would like to hear your viewpoints and catch up with the subject at hand … and that is the unfair shake we as fathers get for just trying to be a father! In my case, it’s bad enough that my ex-wife moved the kids away from me without my permission or the Courts. She maybe in contempt of her papers, but her attorney files the good old “Intent to Relocate” after she relocated … now it’s a matter of negotiation or renegotiation. For me, it just means I have to pay more in the end. I’ll be looking forward to any response, Thanx!