Joint managing conservatorship (1)

She sent me more paperwork

Well, after I contacted her attorney, she sent me more paperwork. It all makes sense to me now. After not getting any child support from her the past 4 years, I got some help from the State of New York. They took her to court and her attorney looked at the original divorce decree. She is stating that my ex-wife was never served (she was served by me..I know now what a mistake that was, but I was young and didn’t know any better) and that the judge had left a few blanks on the decree concerning the child support. However, he did sign the worksheet that the child support was figured out on making that the order.

But this is the kicker. My ex wife is asking for Joint Managing Conservatorship. I don’t believe that she should be granted this because over the past 5 years that we have lived apart, she has shown hardly no interest in seeing the boys much less deciding what kind of school they go to or what kind of medical treatment they get. The hearing is in Houston, TX and since I live in NY, it will be nearly impossible for me to make the court date on February 14th.

Any suggestions on what I can do from here to prevent her from getting what she is asking?