Need help (2)

Please help!

We were to meet my husbands ex-wife tonight at 5pm to drop off my step daughter. (They live 3 hours from us and the courts have demanded they meet half way “a fair and equitable amount of time”)

We waited there until 5:30pm and then called her. She forgot to meet us and thought we would have called earlier. She was out of town and would be another hour but we could just drive “her” daughter all the way home or wait for her. My husband hung up on her after telling her that he wasn’t waiting another hour for her.

We drove her all the way home and no one was there. We tried to find a police dept. to file a report (but didn’t no if that would be the right thing to do). After waiting around for another 45 min. we called her cell phone again and she was still another 15 min. worth out of town and that she’d have a friend pick up their daughter at the gas station.

Her friend did come right away. Should we have brought the cops in to this? What should we do in future episodes? (this isn’t the first) Should we have just gone back home and tried again tomorrow? (However, she left a message for us saying that if we didn’t have her home by tomorrow at 5pm to her house she’d call the police)

The court papers say 3pm Friday to 5pm Sunday.

We try to follow the hours that she designated but she never does. If she has something to do, she doesn’t hesitate to call and tell us that we need to meet her now. Most of the time we end up letting her leave by 3pm to avoid fighting at all costs!

Sorry this is so lengthy! Please help!


Need step by step help

here it goes I’m in the same situation as so many of us are i have an ex that refuses to let me spend time with our 3yr old son i pay 486 a month in child support and 76 a month for arrearage his mother does not work lives in a one bedroom apartment with her new boyfriend she lost custody of two children in the past because of her lifestyle drugs alcohol abuse.

i have an attorney that has worked with me as far as finances but I’m tapped out and i can’t ask him to continue to work for free.when i ask my son who lives with mommy he says daddy i tell him I’m his daddy he says no daddy lives with mommy I’m heartbroken!!

HELP she got a protective order so that i cant even call to talk to him when we went to court to fight it the judge had it added to our custody case that was 2 months ago no custody case date set because of$$$$ how do I protect my son from this corruption and alienation STEP BY STEP