I have been divorced for a while

I have been divorced for a while my 14 year old
is now using her mothers new married last name
how can I legally stop this?

You can go to court and ask that the judge order to to use your last name, but you may be running up a legal bill for nothing. Simply talk to the girl and tell her that doing this will cause some major problems when she decides to go to college or get married. Growing up, I was using my step-father’s last name, even though he had never adopted me. My father never objected to it, but than he was also not paying any child support.

I rarely saw him, though I spent a great deal of time at the homes of my paternal grandmother and uncle. My uncle was more a father to me than my father was.

When I turned 18, I got married. Sent out the invites, did all the usual stuff for getting married. Than, a week before the wedding, we went to get the marriage license. Surprise, it could not be in the name that I had been using for 15 years.

Than there was trying to get a student loan. My school records were in a different last name than was on my birth certificate. There was also tax problems. Unless she wants her step-father to adopt her, she is looking at a pack of trouble using his last name. I’m now 44. I recently applied for a loan to take a course on web design.

I’m again stuck explaining why my school records are in a different name.

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