That’s great news

I’m glad to see that things are working out for you. If your court system works like it does for me here(Oklahoma) you’ll have the same judge for your custody hearing, that would make it even better for you because the judge already knows the history of the mother.

Keep your daily journal of events so when you go for your full custody you will have more ammunition to use against the mother i.e the boyfriend, any job changes, and any violation of the court order that she does. Congratulations again on your victory.


Minor Victory

victoryFor those of you that have been following our situation you know we went to court yesterday. All in all it didn’t turn out too bad. Robert got half of his arrears waived and only have to pay 40 dollars a month on top of child support. The regular payment is normally 50 or more a month but the judge took into consideration that he would already paying be $336.00 a month in child support.

The egg donor wasn’t too happy about that but we’ll get to her in a minute. Anyhow we also got the standard visitation beginning after a period of stair step supervised to day to over night visits (4 of each) then we will get her all weekend after that. Robert asked that they be ordered to go to parenting class and family counseling and the Judge agreed We also got Abby’s last name changed, but let her mother hyphenate it since it will show up as ours on her social security card anyhow.

We had it put into the court order that she cannot have Abby around ANY convicted felons (getting rid of the sex offender threat) that she cannot be around any member of the opposite sex between the hours of 10pm and 8am with Abby, she cannot harass or disturb us, she cannot slander us within ear shot of our children and she cannot call us unless it is in relation to the child. (she was very mad about this too) We also had it added that I (the step mom) can pick her up for regular visitation and take her to the doctor (quite a triumph since she tried to request that I not even be around her child) and we also have the child being picked up and dropped off from the local police station. Though her mother was quite unhappy about all the injunctions we had put in her biggest problem was with the supervised visitation, she requested SHE HAD to be the one to be there. Well she contested it so much that when we went before the judge she was told that she had NO business supervising ANY visitation between this child and this father.

She was livid and started yelling, the judge told her to shut up of she(the judge) would hold her in contempt. Visitation is to start immediately and child support payments will begin March 1st. The judge, her court appointed attorney, our attorney and the bailiffs (there were 3 of them) told us that as soon as the visitation is regular that we should try for full custody, the only thing we had going against us was the fact that Robert has no relationship with Abby. So in a few months I guess we are going to try for full custody. Our attorney advised us that we probably wouldn’t even need her for it, we’d end up with Abby anyhow. It is nice to know that we now have a judge on our side and will have a better chance of getting full custody soon. YAY!

Need step by step help

here it goes I’m in the same situation as so many of us are i have an ex that refuses to let me spend time with our 3yr old son i pay 486 a month in child support and 76 a month for arrearage his mother does not work lives in a one bedroom apartment with her new boyfriend she lost custody of two children in the past because of her lifestyle drugs alcohol abuse.

i have an attorney that has worked with me as far as finances but I’m tapped out and i can’t ask him to continue to work for free.when i ask my son who lives with mommy he says daddy i tell him I’m his daddy he says no daddy lives with mommy I’m heartbroken!!

HELP she got a protective order so that i cant even call to talk to him when we went to court to fight it the judge had it added to our custody case that was 2 months ago no custody case date set because of$$$$ how do I protect my son from this corruption and alienation STEP BY STEP